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Keflavik, Iceland

Keflavík, meaning Driftwood Bay, is a town in the Reykjanes region in southwest Iceland. It is a small, quaint town, with a population of about 7,900 residents. It was a sleepy little place with incredibly friendly people and adorable architecture.

Keflavik began its growth due to ample fishing opportunities and later developed a strong fish processing industry. In the 1940s, the Keflavik International Airport was built by the US to act as a NATO military base. It was also an important refueling stop for trans-Atlantic air traffic. Today, the airport is Iceland's main hub for international flights. We found the airport to be very efficient and easy to navigate through, and it was simple to catch a cab just outside the main doors.

Unfortunately, it appeared as though the fishing industry is not as prevalent anymore. Many of the warehouses along the shore looked to be abandoned. However, it made for fantastic photographic opportunities. The tarnish and rust on these buildings was brilliant.

I loved the pinstripe effect of this one:

This is an example of a residential home below. Anything close to the water shows quite a bit of wear due to the harsh climate and sea air.

A little bit of street art below to liven up a dreary day. The high in July (the warmest and driest month) is 55 degrees. It tends to be cloudy, wet and cool most of the year. We were lucky to have some sun in mid-May but the wind was freezing.

Another adorable residential home. I just love the crisp blue and white together with the green grass.

I am certain that the water here is freezing year-round. We didn't get close enough to feel it as there are a lot of cliff areas that make access to the water difficult. The color of the water when the sun was shining was incredible. So clean and a brilliant blue.

I have no idea what this says (Google did not have the answer), but this is one of the longest words I have ever seen:

Dave and I enjoyed a beautiful dinner at a restaurant on the other side of this nondescript white building. We were the only diners at the time which made it so intimate and special. We had a wonderfully sweet waiter and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. After 30+ hours of being awake, I was ready to fall face first into my plate! I was so excited on the flight that I didn't sleep. Big mistake! My number one tip for international travel is to try to get some shuteye on the plane so you can hit the ground running and accept the local time at your final destination. If you think about the time from where you came, you'll never make it. Accepting the local time is crucial traveling both ways. It makes jet-lag much easier to get through.

I love the simplicity of this white building below. The metal corrugated roofs were so appealing throughout Keflavik. I would certainly return here given the opportunity. Our cab driver from the airport told us that you can rent a car and drive around the entire island in a week. That is certainly on the travel list! I highly recommend a visit to Iceland. Most people speak English well and are very friendly, it is easy to navigate, the airport is efficient and the food was outstanding. Bravo Iceland!

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